The best ways to keep a tri-tip steak from drying out

The best ways to keep a tri-tip steak from drying out

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Tri-tip may not be the most common cut of beef, but fans know it’s certainly among the most flavorful. This staple of West Coast barbecue is known for its rich, delicious flavor, versatility, and affordability. There are some basic techniques to remember to avoid getting a tough, dry steak when working with tri-tip.

The key to a juicy, flavorful tri-tip is to use high heat while carefully monitoring the internal temperature of the beef. This means preheating the grill to temperatures of 450 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. The goal is to get a delicious crust while maintaining the internal temperature at about 135 degrees Fahrenheit. This should result in the equivalent of a steak cooked to medium doneness. Using one of the best instant-read meat thermometers is the easiest and quickest way to reliably monitor the temperature of your meat.

The second crucial step comes once you remove the tri tip from the grill. Let the beef rest for five to 10 minutes, allowing it to cool and allow the juices to circulate throughout the pieces. Chopping tri-tip too quickly will cause the juices to quickly run out on the cutting board, leaving very dry meat behind.

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Various flavors and cooking methods

Beef on the grill with a thermometer

Beef on the grill with a thermometer – JGA / Shutterstock

Soaking your tri-tip can also help preserve its juice. The salt in most marinades produces a mild salting effect, which helps the meat retain more moisture. A good marinade, such as one of these unique steak marinades you need to try, will also enhance the flavor of your steak.

There are a few main reasons why home cooks need to be more careful with tri-tip than with many other cuts of beef. Even more significant is how lean the tri-tip typically is, with relatively little internal fat and marbling compared to some more traditional cuts of steak. The unique shape of the Tri-tip can also cause thinner parts of this cut to cook faster than thicker areas.

While most people cook tri-tip on the grill, those who don’t have outdoor space have alternatives in their kitchen. Your oven roaster can be used to produce an equally delicious tri-dish thanks to its high, direct heat. If necessary, you can also roast your tri-tip over medium to high heat.

By using these simple techniques, you can ensure you always have the kind of delicious tri-tip that will keep your guests coming back for every future barbecue.

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