The controversy surrounding Myna Snacks in Pokimane explained

The controversy surrounding Myna Snacks in Pokimane explained


  • Pokimane’s latest venture, Myna Snacks, has faced suspicion and accusations of being a rip-off of Toatzy Midnight Mini Cookies.
  • Myna Snacks’ Midnight Mini Cookies contain more vitamins and nutrients compared to Toatzy, but the products contain similar ingredients because they are made by Creation Foods.
  • Pokimane and Myna Snacks have addressed the allegations, stressing that the cookie’s composition is unique and that refining ingredients is a common practice in the food industry.

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K Twitch Imane “Pokimane” Anys, a live streamer, has spent nearly a decade entertaining viewers with her gaming content, playing a variety of titles such as Valuation And Between us. Her YouTube channel is also filled with vlogs showing what her life is like outside of live streaming. Over the past few years, Bokeman has been involved in various projects, from being the creative director of a clothing brand to the co-founder of an Endeavor-backed talent management company.

Pokimane recently unveiled her newest company that she’s been working on for two years: Myna Snacks, a health-conscious snack brand. The first product is Midnight Mini Cookies, which are chocolate chip cookies made with gluten-free, non-GMO ingredients, and packed with nutrients like Vitamin D. While Pokimane celebrated the launch of her company, some people were immediately skeptical.

Why are people canceling Pokimane because of Myna’s snacks

Nods announces a new company

The announcement of Myna Snacks Midnight Mini Cookies from Pokimane was immediately followed by accusations that they were a scam of Toatzy Midnight Mini Cookies, which were sold at Costco. Aside from the fact that the products have similar names, people have discovered that both are manufactured by Creation Foods, a health food company. They claimed that this is why Myna Snacks and Toatzy have similar-looking cookies with almost the same list of ingredients. The difference was that Midnight Mini Cookies from Myna Snacks contained more vitamins and nutrients.

One Twitter user claimed that Pokimane simply put its name on an existing product and started selling it for a slightly higher price. This led many skeptics to believe they had been scammed by the streamer. Meanwhile, many people, including other Twitch streamers, also defended the price point of Myna Snacks, especially since the Mini Midnight Cookies packs come with four 400g packets.


Mina Snacks Midnight Mini Cookies (400g)

Tootsie Midnight Mini Cookies (397g)


  • 4-pack: $28
  • 8-pack: $56
  • 12-pack: $84

$9.99 per box


Mena Snacks website. Ships only within the United States.

It is discontinued, and was previously sold at Costco

Pokimane and Myna Snacks have issued statements to address these claims. They stressed that the formula of Myna Snacks Midnight Mini Cookies is unique and exclusive to the brand. The company confirmed that the product had been in development with Creation Foods for two years, which included several rounds of testing and ingredient changes. Although Pokimane did not explicitly name Toatzy in its statement, it did clarify that the Myna Snacks cookie brand was compared to only one test batch before it was retired. When I started working with Creation Foods, I fell in love with the flavor of Midnight Cookies and decided to improve an old-fashioned version of the snack.

The streamer also addressed accusations that Myna Snacks is a white-label version of Toatzy. She claimed that most food products sold in stores are white labeled and refining ingredients is a common practice in the industry. The price difference was mostly due to the quality of the ingredients added to Myna Snacks’ cookies, not because Pokimane owns the company. Pokimane ended her statement by emphasizing that Myna Snacks is not a money grab, stating that she would not put a limit on her donations on Twitch or care about endorsements if she was in it for the money.

Myna Snacks Midnight Mini Cookies are actually cheaper at $7 per bag compared to Toatzy’s price of $9.99 per bag. Critics believe the former is more expensive because it is sold in packs of at least four, which costs up to $28.

From the outside, it’s understandable that people who aren’t in the food industry would think it’s a red flag when a Twitch user or influencer comes out with a product that’s similar to another, especially if the products are made by the same company. However, it appears that Pokimane and her business partner Darcey Macken invested a lot of time and effort into conceptualizing and crafting Myna Snacks Midnight Mini Cookies. As Pokimane has said many times, she wanted to make snacks that actually tasted great, paying close attention to choosing healthy ingredients.

As one of the most popular female signs on Twitch Or otherwise, Pokimane has been involved in many controversies. This includes boosting xQc, not to mention exposing predators in the streaming and gaming space. Most of the criticism she receives is rooted in misogyny, while others seem to distrust her due to past mistakes for which she has apologized. Myna Snacks will probably still have critics, but as long as Pokimane has the receipts to back it up, it will continue to thrive.

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