The egg mistake that ruins your carbonara

The egg mistake that ruins your carbonara

To avoid the dreaded scramble, the goal is not to let the eggs get too hot too quickly. Instead of adding the eggs directly to the carbonara pan, crack them into a different bowl with the pecorino. From there, you have a few options for how to incorporate the mixture into the pasta.

The first is to use tongs to move the cooked pasta directly into the bowl of the egg mixture. The hot pasta water from the pasta will slowly heat the eggs, allowing them to slowly set in the sauce instead of solidifying. The accompanying pasta water is also essential to loosen this congealing and ultimately help produce the sauce, but don’t wash out the creaminess of the eggs by adding too much.

Alternatively, you can also add some pasta water first to the emulsified mixture and then fold the drained spaghetti – and guanciale – into the egg and cheese mixture. With a little planning, a little mixing, and an extra bowl, homemade carbonara will have you dreaming of La Dolce Vita.

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