The “excellent, quick and easy” one-pan fish dish

All hail the casserole! Although I may push it aside when I’m trying to reach the baking sheet, there are many recipes that work better in a casserole dish. Grilled Ladyy Heuck with cherry tomatoes is an excellent example.

The high sides of the 9-by-13-inch pan keep all the liquid from evaporating, leaving you with moist whitefish fillets (use any kind you like), sweet cherry tomatoes, and shallots, all seasoned with honey, sherry vinegar, and lemon zest. It’s a delightful five-star recipe, and it’s perfect for the weekend, too.

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If you’re itchy to use sheet pans (and I know how you feel!), Yewande Komolafe uses a pair to make breakfast burritos, which are also good for dinner. While you’re using pans to melt cheese on various tortillas in the oven, you can quickly scramble eggs and slice avocado to top with some cumin refried beans.

These are two amounts for your oven, but let’s not forget the stove top, because that’s where the pasta is made! Ever on my mind as summer goes by is Naz Deravian’s gorgeous fall pasta. Naz uses toasted nuts instead of breadcrumbs for a crunchy, chili-flecked topping atop a soft pillow of cabbage and pasta drizzled with olive oil.

Using just one skillet (and one large salad bowl), Yewande’s Ginger Chicken with Crispy Napa Salad combines cayenne-and-cilantro-marinated chicken breasts with a cabbage slaw, cucumber, and mint, perfect for soaking up all the meat’s drippings. And for a one-pan meal without the meat, there’s Coconut Red Curry with Tofu, perfect for using up the last odds and ends of any vegetables you have in the fridge, all simmered with canned curry paste and coconut milk.

For dessert, let’s head back to the oven to bake a batch of David Tanis’s cardamom-butter-scented pecan cake (which can also be made with walnuts if you have any leftover pasta). Shortbread keeps very well, so you can snack on leftovers all week long. I like to dip it in my tea for breakfast.

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