The Hunger Games: The Ballad Of Songbirds And Snakes debuted at the global box office with $98 million; “The Marvels” falls to third place globally

The Hunger Games: The Ballad Of Songbirds And Snakes debuted at the global box office with $98 million;  “The Marvels” falls to third place globally

Worldwide box office from November 17 to 19

Rank film (distributor) 3 days (world) Come on (world) 3 days (international) commi (international) province
1. The Hunger Games: Song of Songbirds and Snakes (Lionsgate) $98.5 million $98.5 million $54.5 million $54.5 million 88
2. Trolls band together (worldwide) $37.3m $108.1 million $6.7 million $76.3m 67
3. Wonders (disney) $29.7 million $161.3m $19.5 million $96.3m 53
4. Five nights at freddy’s (worldwide)
$13.4 million $271.8m $9.9 million $139.2m 79
5. Thanksgiving (Sony) $12.6 million $12.6 million $2.4 million $2.4 million 12
6. The final suspect (diverse) $10.5 million $66.2m $10.5 million $66.2m 3
7. tiger 3 (Yashraj) $9.6 million $45.7 million $8.6 million $41.7 million 100
8. Moonflower Killers (Basic) $5.4 million $145.8m $3.5 million $82.2m 62
9. Be my family (diverse) $4.8m $15.4 million $4.8m $15.4 million 4
10. There’s still tomorrow (diverse) $3.9 million $19.4 million $3.9 million $19.4 million 1

Credit: comScore. All numbers are estimates.

“The Ballad Of Songbirds And Snakes” tops the global box office

With the global launch of The Hunger Games: Song of Songbirds and Snakes, Lionsgate may not have achieved the impressive box office heights of the original four films adapted from Suzanne Collins’ novels, but the estimated $98.5 million in revenue represents an encouraging start.

The film takes place more than six decades before the events of hunger Gamesdoes not make use of the cast established in the previous films, and the only significant common character – protagonist Coriolanus Snow – was the main villain of the original series.

Song of songbirds and snakes It debuted to an estimated $44.0 million in North America and $54.5 million in 87 international markets.

For comparison, the first Hunger Games film opened in March 2012 with $152.5 million in North America and $59.3 million from 67 international markets – for a lifetime global box office of $695.2 million.

Song of songbirds and snakes It achieved its strongest international result in the UK/Ireland with an estimated $6.7 million, beating Germany by $4.8 million – topping the box office chart in both markets. China, with an estimated $4.5 million (and third place locally), is ahead of France ($4.1 million) and Mexico ($3.7 million) – and tops the chart in the latter two regions.

For the original films, the global box office peaked with the second entry Firefighting ($865.0 million, 2013), before dipping into the two-parter Mockingjay Movies ($755.4 million in 2014 and $661.5 million in 2015).

With a production budget this time around $100 million, Lionsgate doesn’t need to achieve the box office heights of original films to show a profit, even when factoring in marketing costs and splitting revenue with exhibitors.

The studio will pay close attention not only to box office results but also to audience satisfaction results – and calculate whether the odds remain in favor of sequels.

Song of songbirds and snakes The film is based on Collins’ 2020 novel, and stars British actor Tom Blythe as Snow West Side StoryRachel Ziegler of Panem District 12 was selected to participate in 10y Annual Hunger Games. Francis Lawrence, who directed all hunger Games A sequel but not the original film, he returns as director.

“Wonders” declines in the second session

After last weekend’s disappointing launch, Disney/Marvel’s Wonders The box office is witnessing a decline in its second season. In North America, the estimated weekend takings of $10.2 million represent a massive 78% drop. For international sources, $19.5 million in acquisitions means a 67% decline.

After two weeks of playing Wonders It grossed US$65.0 million in North America and US$96.3 million across international markets, combining for a worldwide total of US$161.3 million.

In the second weekend, the strongest holdings were seen in small and medium-sized markets such as the Czech Republic, South Africa and New Zealand. Among the major markets, Germany showed the strongest traction, with an estimated decline of 47%.

In cumulative totals, China leads the international pack with $14.7 million, ahead of the UK/Ireland ($7.2 million) and Indonesia ($5.2 million), followed by South Korea, France and Mexico with $4.8 million.

Also for Disney, Taika Waititi The next goal wins It opened domestically over the weekend to an estimated $2.5 million from 2,240 movie theaters. The international rollout follows in December and January.

North American opening pushes “Trolls Band Together” up at the box office

Following the international release beginning October 12, Universal/DreamWorks Animation’s will be released Trolls band together It arrived in North American cinemas over the weekend – returning the animated sequel to Comscore’s top 10 worldwide box office list, at number two.

Previously, the film’s highest placement on this chart was fourth place – in late October.

Trolls band together It grossed an estimated $30.6 million in North America over the weekend, as well as $6.7 million in 66 international markets.

Including some previews, the North American figure is $31.8 million, which adds to the international tally of $76.3 million to deliver a global total of $108.1 million.

International markets held saw a 30% decline, led by the UK/Ireland at an estimated $930,000. Trolls band together It opened in 10 new international markets over the weekend, led by the Czech Republic with an estimated $460,000.

In cumulative totals, the UK/Ireland leads the international pack with $18.0 million, ahead of France ($10.0 million), Germany ($6.1 million) and Mexico ($5.6 million).

Next major market for release Trolls band together It will be held in Australia on November 30, followed by South Korea on December 20.

Trolls band together Chasing the $347.2 million grossed worldwide by Trolls In 2016. Sequel Trolls World Tour Its theatrical release was heavily impacted by the onset of the COVID pandemic in the spring of 2020, premiering on premium VOD in most markets and earning a global cinema gross of $49.3 million.

Eli Roth’s “Thanksgiving” has a strong local slant

Sony faces a global distribution challenge with Eli Roth’s slasher film Thanksgiving – Based on the mock trailer included with the 2007 film Grindhouse.

Thanksgiving It debuted in North America with an estimated $10.2 million Wonders For third place on the weekend chart. For global, 11 early markets grossed an estimated $2.4 million.

Roth’s film sees a Thanksgiving-inspired killer terrorizing the city of Plymouth, Massachusetts – the birthplace of the annual holiday in the United States.

The local hit powers the Serbian box office

While Proverbs hunger Games Prequel and Wonders The film struggles to show off in most international markets, and local hits have dominated the box office in Serbia for several weeks. Formula keepers.

Dragan Bjelogrlic’s film, which premiered in the Piazza Grande program at the Locarno Film Festival in August, opened in Serbia in mid-October, topping the box office for several weeks in a row. Total admissions through November 13 were 122,000, generating a box office of €560,000 ($612,000).

Other notable local songs so far this year in Serbia include Milos Radunovic’s song StormLuka Mihajlović Indigo Crystal And the comedy sequel to Radivoje Andric Men: Again!.

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