The NAACP’s annual luncheon brings the community together

The NAACP’s annual luncheon brings the community together

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – Another organization full of thanks and turkey as it supports the community – the Corpus Christi NAACP.

Saturday was their annual Thanksgiving Community Lunch where they provided free Thanksgiving meals to members of the organization, seniors, and low-income families in our area.

Part of the activist group’s mission is to uplift the Black community, so that their presence is especially felt by those who need love and support during the holidays.

NAACP President Jeremy Coleman echoed that sentiment, saying the food is great, but seeing people come through the door to eat a meal together as one is what matters most to him.

“So, the majority of what people hear about the NAACP is basically us fighting against human rights for civil rights and discrimination, but the other side of that is doing things just like this. We also want to be involved and be partners in our community where we stay.”

Coleman said the organization has discussed setting up a Christmas dinner just like Saturday’s event to continue giving back and bringing the community together.

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