The new Pine House Kitchen and Bar in Tiverton replaces Wally’s

The new Pine House Kitchen and Bar in Tiverton replaces Wally’s

Say goodbye to Wally’s Taphouse and hello to Pine House Kitchen & Bar.

For many years, Tiverton’s busiest intersection has been home to comfort food and good company at Wally’s. Come January 2024, the torch will be passed to 31-year-old Dartmouth native Jared Machado.

Since he was 12, Machado has worked in the restaurant industry, traveling back and forth from Brazil. After years of practice and apprenticeship, Machado finally pulled the trigger and purchased his first restaurant in the United States: the cozy cabin-style restaurant on Crandall Road.

“I started my culinary career in Brazil with my family and then came back and worked as a caterer at M&C Cafe,” Machado said. “In parallel, I also worked in a pizzeria while I was in high school.”

While in São Paulo, Machado worked for his father at the huge Boston bakery, staffed with more than 180 employees and visited by an average of 4,000 customers daily. It’s safe to say he’s well-rounded when it comes to high-volume works.

In the United States, learn how to grill and smoke meat. From bacon to steak, Machado now understands the importance and benefits of time management for a perfectly cooked meal.

Speaking of which, let’s get to the list…

If you’re a fan of handcrafted burgers, you’re in luck. Machado runs a small kitchen where everything, even the sauce, is prepared on site. We’re talking a stacked menu full of comfort foods, pizza, local seafood dishes, and homemade desserts.

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“I hate taking something frozen out of the bag and warming it up or thawing it,” Machado said. “I need only the freshest ingredients and a strong focus on food quality. Honestly, the way I think before opening day, I would rather offer my paying customers the best quality at a lower cost and lose money than give away.” It’s not just about chasing the money, because the smile On people’s faces it’s worth everything.”

Although there is currently no smoker in the building, Machado plans to install one so he can cook ribeye and other specialty meats.

The Pine House will be more than just a restaurant. It will be a family-oriented operation where Machado’s brother, sister, mother and aunts will work side by side.

“It will be a place where everyone can eat quality food and simply enjoy a great atmosphere,” Machado said. “We have a lot of love and friendliness in the team, and we are ready to welcome and meet our old guests.” And new to the institution.”

The sale is being finalized.

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