The sandwich-based “Love Letter to Tampa” takes place Sunday at LPCX Café| Tampa

The sandwich-based “Love Letter to Tampa” takes place Sunday at LPCX Café|  Tampa

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Photography by Elvin Salcedo

I prefer the “Don Chimi” with fried cheese, guava, and chimichurri cabbage.

Tampa’s LPCX Café is already one of the best simple ways to experience Colombian food and culture, but this weekend two local chefs – Hassan Luis and Guillermo Quezada, who cooked at Rooster & the Till under Michelin-winning chef Ferrel Alvarez… . – They curated the sandwich menu as a love letter to their hometown of Tampa, Florida.

The guys, products of the Leto Culinary Arts Program, prepared a “don chime” chorizo ​​beef mix with fried cheese, guava and chimichurri cabbage, as well as banh mi plates, and two different katsu sandwiches featuring Daliana Conti Rising Soul milk bread. .

LPCX will handle drinks and coffee while Janelly Vintage Cakes handles desserts.

Click to enlarge Tampa chefs William Quezada (left) and Hassan Lewis.  -Photo by Elvin Salcedo

Photography by Elvin Salcedo

Tampa chefs Guillermo Quezada (left) and Hassan Luis.

Lewis grew up in Tampa and watched the city change. “I feel like I grew up with the city,” he told Creative Loafing Tampa Bay.

Quezada was born in the Dominican Republic and came to the United States when he was six years old. It was a culture shock, he told CL, but meeting Louis in high school led to a bond built around cuisine and their other shared interests. They’ve been talking about doing an event like this since they were teenagers.

Quezada made Luis “Don Chime” in January, and says they’ve since spent countless hours since then making changes and adding three “really cool handhelds” to the show.

The pop-up “is about showing what we can do but also showing how much Tampa has taught us,” Lewis said. “The menu draws influence from many of the places we love to eat and what we have learned from working in kitchens for most of our careers. Our challenge was how to take those influences and put our own spin on it.”

There’s no cover for the Better Together: 813 Day pop-up taking place at LPCX Cafe in Tampa on Sunday, August 13.

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