Enhancing the umami flavor in a marinade has to do with amino acids — specifically, glutamic acid. This is the compound that gives delicious foods their distinctive flavour. If you want an umami-packed dinner, you’ll want to make sure some of your marinade ingredients are high in this compound, because it lifts the heavy flavor.

Soy sauce, in particular, contains a lot of glutamic acid, along with 19 other amino acids that are created as a result of the breakdown of soybean proteins during the soy sauce making process. They all work together to provide a complex and delicious taste.

Worcestershire sauce is made with a lot of powerful ingredients, like malt vinegar and molasses, but it’s the anchovies that really pack the umami flavor. The salty, fishy, ​​and salty tang that these little swimmers provide really adds a great depth of flavor to pickles.

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