The ultimate menu for New Year’s Eve

The ultimate menu for New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve calls for festive dining, and we’ve got your party menu covered with caviar, edible gold, and elegant canapés. Start your journey with snacks like hot spinach bread, Gougeres with smoked salmon, caviar, proscuitto, or feta cheese seasoned with green peppers. Herb-roasted salmon with pinot noir sauce makes a great dinner centerpiece, while orange and anise croquembouche with white chocolate is the sweetest end of the year. Below are recipes that are perfect for your New Year’s Eve menu.

Feta cheese seasoned with green pepper

Photography by Victor Protasio / Food styling by Richon Hanners / Prop design by Claire Spolin

Soaking cubed feta is a low-effort step with big-flavor results. Feta’s slightly airy texture makes it perfect for absorbing bold flavors, like hot and salty peppercorns. Pair it with crackers and fruit to anchor your cheese board.

Ruby Red Spritz

Victor Protasius

This bittersweet pink aperitif will whet your appetite. If you want it sweeter, add a little simple syrup, or replace the soda water with a splash of grapefruit soda.

Four layers of caviar

Justin Walker

Layers of creamy egg salad, crunchy red onions, herbed cream cheese, and salty, salty caviar come together in a beautiful dip that serves up the entire caviar dish in one dish. Serve with your favorite water crackers.

Hot spinach bread

Photography by Jennifer Cozzi / Food styling by Margaret Monroe Dickey / Prop design by Christina Daly

Classic spinach appetizers take new heights in this irresistibly cheesy appetizer from San Francisco’s Mister Digby Restaurant. This delicious and cheesy appetizer is perfect for watching the game, alongside a salad or bowl of soup, or on a weekend afternoon. These delicious sourdough slices are filled with béchamel sauce and spinach, but the real star is the Calabrian chili pepper, which gives every bite a nice touch of heat. Feel free to customize this depending on what bread you have on hand; It works well with baguettes too.

BlackBerry Care Royal

Matt Taylor Gross / Food styling by Lucy Simon

This party-ready champagne cocktail comes in minutes.

Gougères with smoked salmon, caviar and prosciutto

Photography by Fred Hardy II / Food styling by Ruth Blackburn / Prop design by Christina Brockman

These cheesy muffins look fancy, but they come together in minutes to make any snack look like it should. You can make it as small or as large as you like; Large gougères can be used in dinner rolls or even used as a base for eggs Benedict at brunch. Enjoy the experience with them. These are made with grated Gruyere cheese and thyme leaves, but you can substitute another grated hard cheese, or use other spices and herbs. We garnished it with slices of prosciutto, smoked salmon, a dollop of caviar and crème fraîche, but any toppings will do. Or simply eat them plain – they shine on their own.

Cheese crumbles

Justin Walker

A hint of sweet cranberry flavor hides in the middle of the goat cheese and ricotta mousse for a burst of flavor. Garnish with chives, fresh onions, or lemon zest for some color and brightness.

Punch ruins mother

Chelsea Kyle/Food Styling By Drew Eichel

Part centerpiece, part refresher, this sparkling wine punch recipe is easy to prepare in advance and works with Cava, Champagne, Prosecco, or sparkling Chenin Blanc.

Garlic Butter Steak Bites

Photography by Greg Dupree / Food styling by Tori Cox / Prop design by Missy Crawford

Quickly sautéed beef tenderloins deliver all the flavorful prime steak without the need for a sit-down meal.

Herbed grilled salmon with pinot noir sauce

Justin Walker

Originally served at the Sorrento Hotel in Seattle by Chef David Pesgna, this ancient salmon dish stands the test of time. We’ve simplified the original recipe but changed nothing about the velvety, wine-sautéed beurre blanc. Keep warm and serve immediately for best results.

Orange winter

Photography by Victor Protasio / Prop design by Christine Kelly

For this winter cocktail, Pinot Grigio serves as the usual red wine base to enhance the citrus and ginger flavors, which play a role in the classic Italian winter panettone.

Steak and shrimp hot pot

Justin Walker

Cooking tender prime rib, fresh mushrooms, and sweet shrimp tableside makes for an interactive holiday meal. The broth, already seasoned and seasoned with fresh aromatics, oils and sauces, deepens in flavor as each component of the dish cooks overnight.

Cranberry and orange sparkling wine gelatin

Photography by Noah Fix / Food styling by Drew Eichel / Prop design by Ethan Lunkenheimer

This festive layered gelatin is a conversation starter and is sure to please your party guests. The pink cranberry layer is tart, filled with cranberries and a splash of gin, and the sparkling wine layer, with a hint of liqueur, still maintains its comical bubble. With three types of alcohol, this is an adults-only side or dessert.

Bacon-wrapped scallops

Photography by Morgan Hunt Glaze / Food styling by Ruth Blackburn / Prop design by Christina Daly

These perfect two-piece cocktail party scallops are quick and easy to prepare.

Farro Mafaldine with Black Truffle Butter and Mushrooms

Photography by Victor Protasio / Food styling by Richon Hanners / Prop design by Claire Spolin

“The best way to cook truffles is as simply as possible,” says Chef Karen Akunovich. Bold in aroma and flavor, black winter truffles require very little coaxing to create their powerful effect. This elegant and delicious dish combines creamy butter, nutty farro pasta, and a fortifying blend of wild mushrooms and grated truffle.

Limoncello-ricotta cheesecake

Photography by Fred Hardy II / Food styling by Ruth Blackburn / Prop design by Christina Brockman

A strong, sweet Italian lemonade made by steeping lemon peel in grain alcohol or vodka is the star of this silky, creamy dessert. The filling is lightened with ricotta cheese and features citrus flavors that light up winter nights.

Classic Swiss cheese fondue

Photography by Antonis Achilleos / Food styling by Ruth Blackburn / Prop design by Claire Spolin

Steamed red-skinned potatoes, grilled or toasted Tuscan bread cubes, and pear slices are all great for dipping in melted cheese. Make sure to stir the fondue while dipping it.

Black and ruby ​​cookies

Farah Sakiki

Pastry chef Paula Velez gives New York City’s famous Black and White cake a twist, decorating one side with dark chocolate ganache and the other with ruby ​​chocolate, a fruity, pink-hued chocolate. Velez also replaces traditional whole milk with buttermilk, uses a touch of rye flour in the dough, and adds gold leaf to the finished cookies for a fun metallic sheen.

Spressoluna (Italian almond tart) with roasted red grapes and champagne sabion

Frederick Hardy II / Food design by Ruth Blackburn / Prop design by Shell Royster

The versatility of this dessert makes it a perfect fit for a dinner party. Sbrisolona is a giant cookie, tastes great with champagne, and can be dipped in coffee – much like biscotti.

Champagne jellies

Sarah Crowder

Justin Chappell prepares this New Year’s Eve champagne dessert with a recipe that serves 10 people in half an hour.

White gold

Photography by Caitlin Bensel / Food styling by Rayshon Hanners / Prop design by Claire Spolin

This sweet and sour soju cocktail from Kim Kyungmoon brings to mind the creamy, tart texture of a gin fizz with the robust, forward-grain aromas of Golden Barley 40% soju rather than floral gin.

Croquembouche with orange and anise with white chocolate

Christopher Testani

For this decadent croquembouche, choux pastry is filled with a festive orange and anise cream, then set in a white chocolate tower. For extra magic, sprinkle the puffs with gold glitter dust after stacking them. Don’t be put off by the nearly eight hours it takes to complete this amazing presentation—that’s just one hour of active cooking time!

Champagne holiday punch

© Tina Robb

Eric Castro created this sparkling punch. It’s wonderfully light, but the malted grain-based malt adds whisky-like depth.

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