These are the 5 worst snacks for weight loss, according to a nutritionist

These are the 5 worst snacks for weight loss, according to a nutritionist

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With the snack section in supermarkets growing in size every year, it’s safe to say that we love a good snack.

While the desire to boost your metabolism by snacking is a strong one, the truth is that not all snacks we might assume are “healthy,” necessarily, with plenty of ultra-processed foods dominating the meal aisles. Light.

So, if you feel like you need to add extra bulk between your meals, here are the snacks that I as a dietitian would avoid, simply because they lack any real positive nutritional attributes.

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Rice crackers

They seem innocent enough – a few plain crackers neatly packaged in school-appropriate snack packs, but the harsh reality nutritionally is that there aren’t a lot of nutritional positives when it comes to most flavored rice crackers.

Not only are they made with refined white rice which leads to higher blood glucose levels, but many flavored varieties still contain added MSG in an attempt to make them taste like cheese or chicken. Rice crackers also contain no dietary fiber or protein, which means they are empty calories.


In its purest form, made in house with chickpeas and extra virgin olive oil, hummus is a minimally processed food and is enjoyed with a range of cuisines. On the other hand, when hummus is found in the dip section of supermarkets, it’s likely made with a much more processed vegetable oil than chickpeas.

Then, when we enjoy it as a snack with high-fat crackers, your “healthy snack” contains far more processed fat than protein and a truckload of calories. Keep the dips on the plate occasionally, and pay a little extra for high-quality hummus varieties that don’t have a processed vegetable oil base.

Hummus is not as healthy as you think. Photo: Getty

Sweet biscuits

There is an entire aisle in the supermarket dedicated to biscuits, but in Australia, the majority of sweet biscuits for both adults and children are made with a base of refined flour, sugar and vegetable oil, which is likely palm oil.

This combination of basic ingredients may be close to the worst you can include in your diet overall, making sweet cookies one of the worst snacks you can eat.

Processed meat snack packages

There is a wide and growing range of meats, cheeses and snack crackers in supermarkets, and although they may look relatively healthy, processed meats are not for us, and we should reduce our intake of them.

When processed meats are then combined with processed crackers made with a vegetable oil base, there is not much positive nutrition with that combination of foods.

Give processed meat a miss. Image: Pexels

Muffins and banana bread

If you bake cakes or sweet breads at home using fresh fruit, butter, and wholemeal flour as a base, you can create a relatively healthy sweet snack, but unfortunately, that’s not how the majority of commercial cakes and cakes are made.

In Australia, many baked goods such as cakes and icings still contain trans fats, thanks to the hydrogenated fats used to make them, and with upwards of 20-30 grams of added sugars per serving, if you can’t make a cake at home It’s best to avoid it.

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