The first American restaurant opened in the late 19th century (fun fact: it was based on a horse-drawn carriage!), but to this day, these restaurants – which specialize in fast, cheap food – remain a symbol of the United States. . Its popularity may have peaked in the 1950s, but you can still find restaurants across the country, some of them completely vegetarian.

If you’re in the mood for dinner, check out the list below for some of the best vegetarian and vegan-friendly options across the United States.

Is the dinner food vegetarian friendly?

When you think of a typical American dinner, you probably think of three things: a beef burger, fries, and a shake. These are, without a doubt, essential dinner menu items. But these days, it’s possible to find animal-free options in restaurants across the United States. This isn’t entirely surprising when you consider that the overall vegan restaurant scene is growing. In fact, some research suggests that the U.S. vegan restaurant industry is now worth more than $33 billion.

As long as you know where to look, next time you feel like eating, you can treat yourself to vegetarian versions of dinner classics and so much more.

The best restaurants for vegetarian dining in the United States

Chicago restaurant

1 Chicago restaurant

Multiple locations, Illinois

Chicago Diner has been serving up American comfort food since the 1980s, but the twist is that everything is 100 percent vegan. Treat yourself to options like the Caprese Burger, featuring house-made tofu and seitan patties, or special recipe wings with spicy buffalo sauce. If you’re keeping things fresh and healthy, there’s also a selection of salads, a Thai Basil Bowl packed with vegetables, or The Soul Bowl packed with greens, mashed sweet potatoes and marinated quinoa.
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VegNews.vegandiner.spiraldinerDinner swirl

2 Swirl Dinner and Bakery

Multiple locations, Texas

Since 2002, Texans in Denton and Fort Worth have been able to get delicious, filling vegetarian food from Spiral Diner & Bakery. The menu offers a wide range of build-your-own nachos and burgers, which you can make with meat (thanks to the Beyond Burger and Beyond Chicken options) or on a whole-food basis, depending on your individual preferences.
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VegNews.vegandiner.vivaLong live the

3 Viva Vegetarian Restaurant

Upland, California

If BBQ macaroni and cheese, hamburgers with all the trimmings, and birria tacos sound like your diner’s dream, then you need to go to Viva Vegan Diner in Upland, California. This popular restaurant has a seemingly endless menu, so you’ll always be spoiled for choice. Just make sure you have your wallet ready because it may be about to become your new addiction.
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VegNews.vegandiner.verticaldinerVertical dinner

4 Vertical dinner

Salt Lake City, Utah, and Portland, Oregon

Sometimes, you just need breakfast (even if it’s technically dinnertime). Fortunately, all-day breakfast is another diner staple, and you can find vegetarian versions at both Vertical Diner locations. Choose menu items like The Avalanche, which has two patties, country potatoes and tofu, or if you’re really hungry, add bacon and sausage to the Daybreaker Burrito.
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VegNews.vegandiner.swingersSwingers dinner

5 Swingers dinner

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles Diner Swingers isn’t strictly vegan, but it deserves credit on this list for its delicious array of vegan options. Try the Soyrizo Scramble, for example, with black beans and fresh salsa, or the Vegan Burrito, filled with sautéed tofu and veggies.
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VegNews.vegandiner.rosdinerRaw Restaurant

6 Raw Restaurant

Brooklyn, New York

Whether you’re looking for breakfast foods, thick milkshakes, burgers, or fries (or a combination of the four), Brooklyn’s Ro’s Diner has you covered. They also have a refreshing selection of delicious cocktails, including non-alcoholic mimosas (perfect for Sunday brunch dates).
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VegNews.vegandiner.stickyfingersSticky fingers

7 Sticky Fingers Restaurant

Washington, DC

This woman-owned and operated restaurant and bakery is a must-try if you’re heading to Washington, D.C. anytime soon. In addition to custom cakes, you can treat yourself to comforting diner-style dishes, including hot Reubens with seitan pastrami, barbecue sandwiches, and classic burgers.
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Screenshot 09-18-2023 at 3.59.58 PMThe delicious

8 The delicious

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This cozy South Philadelphia restaurant is all about an old-school vibe — aside from the fact that it’s completely animal-free. Expect to find options like chicken and waffles, tofu egg sandwiches, and thick French toast, available with syrup, berries, and whipped cream, if you so choose.
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VegNews.vegandiner.angelheartsAngelhearts Restaurant

9 Angelhearts Restaurant

Ithaca, New York

There’s no doubt that New York City is a great destination for vegan food. But it’s not the only city in New York where you can find great animal-free options. In Ithaca on Lake Gayuga, you can find delicious vegetarian food at Angelhearts Diner. There’s all-day breakfast, loaded burritos, plenty of pancakes, and so much more.
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VegNews.vegandiner.silverdinerSilver dinner

10 Silver dinner

Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Cherry Hill’s Silver Diner does not have a vegetarian menu. Instead, you’ll find a flexible section on the menu, which is intended for both plant-based eaters and people looking to cut back on their meat intake a bit. Indulge in plant-based options like meatless tacos, oat milk protein pancakes, and Just Egg Breakfast Tacos (which also feature BBQ Beyond Meat, pickled ginger, and black bean salsa).
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VegNews.vegandiner.offthegriddleOff the grill

11 Off the grill

Portland, OR

Portland’s Off the Griddle is dedicated to providing you with “vegetarian and vegan awesomeness.” Here’s the proof: The menu is packed with options like jackfruit brisket, vegetarian sausage, and vegetarian drumsticks, plus pies, lunch plates, and sandwiches. While eggs and cheese are served at Off The Griddle, they must be ordered as add-ons, as all items are vegan by default.
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VegNews.vegandiner.waywardveganStray vegetarian

12 Stray vegetarian

Seattle, Washington

In Seattle’s Roosevelt neighborhood, you’ll find The Wayward Vegan. It’s cozy and friendly, the food is fresh and, most importantly, delicious. Try options like the Hillbilly Omelet, which comes with fries, vegetarian sausage, and country gravy, or enjoy the Chiggen & Waffles with butter, maple syrup, and berries.
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