This 5-Ingredient Sriracha Chicken Casserole from Jacques Pépin is easy to make

This 5-Ingredient Sriracha Chicken Casserole from Jacques Pépin is easy to make

What’s the secret sauce that makes a recipe resonate with you? What will entice and interest you? Make you want to cook it again and again?

I’ve filled myself with questions like these over the past four years as I combed through cookbooks and developed dishes for the Dinner in Minutes column. Once I had chosen a dish to test, I wondered how I could make it more attractive: Could I reduce the number of pans used, or cut out an ingredient or two? What alternatives would make the dish more accessible and less expensive? Are the instructions clear or can I simplify them?

Get the recipe: Breaded Sriracha Chicken Breast

With every hit, I was hoping for a home run, but let’s be honest: week after week, sometimes I was happy just to get on base.

I’ve been thinking about this effort — and my successes and challenges — because Friday was my last day at The Washington Post. I came here as Recipe Editor in December 2019, went through the pandemic with you and came out the other side with a strong sense of how circumstances—global and personal—affect our ability to feed ourselves.

I leave this job a cook, editor, and a smarter, more compassionate person.

However, there is one ingredient that always turns out well: chicken. Among your favorites: Honey Citrus Chicken Thighs; Crispy chicken without oil; Chicken Mosca La Grande; Perhaps the most divisive recipe I’ve ever shared in my career is Instant Pot Lemon Chicken and Potatoes. Some liked it. Others hate it. The bitterness of the lemon pulp appears to have been the deciding factor. (You can find these recipes at

All of the dishes we feature in The Post are shared by food journalists who work hard to provide a variety of well-tested recipes that make cooking a little easier and eating a little more fun. I’ve been grateful to be part of the dedicated food team and humbled by your support as readers.

I will miss you all.

Often times, this job has given me an incentive to step out of my comfort zone and try a new ingredient or technique, but for my latest column, I thought I’d go for a sure thing. I’ll leave you with this simple baked Sriracha chicken breast from Chef Jacques Pépin’s latest cookbook, Cooking My Way, which is something we should all strive to do, right?

I recommend Pépin’s cookbook, of course, and this recipe specifically because it’s a prime example of how easy delicious food can be.

He slathers boneless, skinless chicken breasts with a mayonnaise-Sriracha mixture and bakes them, turning a common, often off-the-shelf cut of poultry into a moist and flavorful main course. He calls it Susie-style chicken in honor of his friend Susie Heller, who taught him the simple method using a turkey breast.

“Economy, not only in food, but also in time and money, reflects a chef’s understanding and intelligence about the craft,” Pippin writes, adding that the more you cook and learn about basic ingredients and techniques, the easier it becomes.

This five-ingredient recipe captures the spirit of the Dinner in Minutes column. It is very easy to commit to memory. It gets a few pots or pans dirty, and while the chicken is baking (about 25 minutes), you have time to prepare a salad and vinaigrette, steam some vegetables, or cook your favorite grains and chill a bottle of wine.

You’ll be sitting down to a delicious dinner in minutes. However I am sure of it.

Get the recipe: Breaded Sriracha Chicken Breast

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