Anyone who has visited Japan (or set foot there). International grocery store) knows that Japanese snacks are unparalleled in terms of wonderful and interesting flavors. you want Kit Kat tea flavor? Candy that looks like a hamburger? Lay’s potato chips that taste like Kobe steak? Honey, that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Japanese snacks, and in 2023, you can get them almost anywhere (the internet, at least, if your local international supermarket can’t). Fortunately for you lazy MFs who can’t even be bothered to go to the store and browse the aisles full of amazing potato chip flavors (or those looking for something next level), Tokyo Treat– A curated snack box subscription company that finds better candy than your fashion-obsessed friend who wears and wears too much Supreme Truff sauce Over everything — it does Limited edition Halloween snack box Featuring a curated collection of wild candy that’s meant to be super scary (for anyone who’s afraid of sweet treats).

$32.50 in Tokyo Treat

While the United States only designates one day a year to enjoy piles of candy like there’s no tomorrow (aka Lincoln’s Birthday…it’s Halloween), Japanese candy — and snacks in general — lasts 365 days a year.

Possible inclusions for this year’s TokyoTreat’s Halloween Box We are Pokemon chocolate muffins (Which will have no effect on your Pokemon Go account, sorry) and bubble gum containing “Energy drink flavour“Looking no further than the famous Japanese Kit Kat which tastes like pudding, watermelon, strawberry milk, cheesecake and chocolate orange (which… We think it’s the best)? Totally in the fall spirit when you open that box of candy and see some damn things Sweet potato kitkat. When combined with Tomato flavored pretzels (Delicious Cookie Finger Snacks), you’re bound to have something that doesn’t taste at all like sweet potato fries and ketchup; But wouldn’t you like to see what it is? Do Taste like?

Do you know what scares us here at VICE? Uh, spiders, bees, terrorists, we’re running out of coffee, The whispering horse Starring Robert Redford, Scarlett Johansson (don’t ask), the CIA… the list goes on. but what truly Not being able to access things like… Potato chips with coquia salt and sesame oil And Halloween Edition Hello Chews (aka the best candy in the world). May God bless you, Tokyo Treat.

Listen, we know you’ve already got Halloween planned (and, BTW, congratulations in advance on your adorable and unique Barbie and Ken costume with your partner who couldn’t look less like Ryan Gosling). If you want to ease the pain of seeing dozens or perhaps hundreds of other people who have exactly the same idea, at least you can be different. By bringing some Amazing treats. Oh, and trick-or-treat: use Promo code Deputy in paying off To score a $5 discount On your first order. This is basically like getting a free pair of Kit Kats (which is great, because the mean guy across the street will probably be handing out apple slices and a toothbrush again).

Sign up for TokyoTreat’s SnackHaul Halloween box here.

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