TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – To celebrate the Moon Festival, Taiwan’s top five pastries include French financier from Sugar Bistro, Cacao Barry chocolate from Ce La Vie, and popcorn from Oolong Tea.

Sugar Bistro

Sugar Bistro’s Moon Festival gift box contains financiers and mini cookies. (Taiwan News, photo by Lily Liu)

Sugar Bistro’s Moon Festival gift box contains a French financier and mini cupcakes. The stuffed financier is available in five flavors, including rose with raspberry and white chocolate, chocolate with maraschino cherry, and salted yolk with red bean mochi.

The special flavor “Chives with Irons and Cheese” contains green onions from Gioro Town, Pingtung County, mixed with the unique lemon scent of Litsi Cubeba and three types of cheese, providing a sweet, salty and spicy experience.

It is recommended to freeze items for long-lasting flavor.


Hon Din Bakery

Top 5 Pastries in Taiwan for the Moon Festival

Cookies and pecan pies are some of Hon Din Bakery’s most popular products. (Taiwan News, photo by Lily Liu)

Hon Din Bakery’s Moon Festival gift box includes delicious biscuits, pineapple cake with egg yolk and a highly recommended walnut tart. Their filled biscuits offer flavors such as Orl Cocoa and Mocha Sea Salt, and are made of a double layer containing 72% European dark chocolate.


Ku Yuan Yi

Top 5 Pastries in Taiwan for the Moon Festival

This is the first time that Kuo Yuan Ye has launched small-sized egg yolk pastries. (Taiwan News, photo by Lily Liu)

Kuo Yuan Ye’s one-bite salted egg yolk pastries celebrate the Taiwan Culture Fair and Moon Festival. The pastries use naturally fermented, salted egg yolks soaked in red earth with grapeseed oil, and are made with 27 layers.

The limited gift box is available during the Taiwan Culture Fair until October 1st. However, the product has gone viral and is sold out in some stores, so it is recommended to call ahead for reservations.


Si La Restaurant and Bar in Taipei

Top 5 Pastries in Taiwan for the Moon Festival

Ce La Vie Taipei offers a Moon Festival gift box for adults with whiskey and dark chocolate. (Taiwan News, photo by Lily Liu)

“Mid-Autumn Gift Box C’est La Vie” is a collaboration with Hong Kong fashion illustrator Mikko Chan, who designed the box packaging, which features an adorable and beautiful girl with big eyes surrounded by bunny ears to welcome the festival.

Inside the box are Kavalan Single Malt Whiskey and 70% Barry’s Bittersweet Chocolate. Ce La Vie chose bittersweet chocolate from French boutique Cocoa Barry because of its floral notes, strong bitterness and woody notes.

There are a set of QR codes linked to a quiet playlist inside the box. The Limited Gift Box is priced at NT$1,299 (US$40).


Tea popcorn

Top 5 Pastries in Taiwan for the Moon Festival

Tea flavored popcorn. (Taiwan News, photo by Lily Liu)

Launched by the Yu Cheng Welfare Foundation, this popcorn uses Taiwan’s signature oolong and black teas for a crunchy and chewy treat. In addition, a portion of sales will be donated to a charity for people with intellectual disabilities.


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