Volunteers prepare the bishop’s Christmas dinners

Volunteers prepare the bishop’s Christmas dinners

WORCESTER, Mass. – Volunteers with Catholic Charities of Worcester County, in partnership with College of the Holy Cross, were hard at work Friday preparing the annual Bishop’s Christmas Dinner.

The annual tradition takes place on Thanksgiving as well. It is expected that 3,000 meals will be served on Christmas Day by about 50 volunteers. The meals will be packaged in bags and will be delivered throughout Worcester County.

They couldn’t do it without the community’s help, said Tim McMahon, executive director of Catholic Charities.

“We’ll have over 250 volunteers driving cars, packing things up here. It’s a really, really moving experience, especially when you go to someone’s house. And honestly, a lot of times, it’s the person that’s delivering the goods,” McMahon said. “The meal might be the only person they see that day. So, you spend five minutes with them, you let them know that they’re appreciated, that they’re important. And, you know, it’s a special day for everyone.”

Volunteers say most of the people they help are in Worcester, but they serve surrounding towns.

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