Arby’s new Big Game Burger, which features a blend of venison, elk and beef, is available for a limited time only at participating locations. (Arby’s/Inspiring Brands)

Arby’s dreamed up the Big Game Burger idea that had nothing to do with a big football game.

The star of this burger is a game… a wild game. For a limited time only, the restaurant group is offering a jumbo burger made from ground venison, elk and beef.

This isn’t the first time Arby’s has gone where the fast food chain’s other ventures haven’t gone. In 2017, Arby’s sold a venison steak sandwich for one day only at all U.S. locations, and the special quickly sold out. The chain also sold game in what it calls “hunting-focused” states like Colorado, Wyoming and Montana.

Last year, restaurants sold the Wagyu burger mix, and the customer response was impressive, with some locations selling out early. That patty was a blend of 48% ground beef and 52% American Wagyu, a cross between Japanese cattle breeds and American Wagyu.

“We are committed to crafting unique culinary experiences for our guests,” said Ellen Rose, director of marketing at Arby’s, when announcing the Big Game Burger.

This year’s menu surprise is made up of 34% venison, 33% elk and 33% ground beef and topped with Swiss cheese, crispy onion rings, sweet garlic and dill pickles and dark cherry steak sauce, served on a toasted brioche bun. . Like the venison sandwich, this patty is cooked sous-vide style, then finished at each Arby’s location to heat it up and give it a crispy exterior.

We headed to Sunnyvale, home to one of the few remaining Arby’s restaurants in the greater Bay Area (there are also locations in Fairfield and Tracy) for a taste test.

The Big Game Burger is $11.99 here (your friends in the Midwest can try it for less), but it’s a big burger that’s, well, between a third and a half a pound. The pie has a rich flavour, with just a hint of wild game. It’s tender and, surprisingly, still a little pink on the inside. The toppings are clever – the berry sauces are a classic pairing with venison, and the Swiss cheese worked well.

I’d honestly be interested in trying a blend that had more wild game flavor and a little more beef in the mix. Naturally, grilling your Big Game Burger fresh will result in a more moist and better product. Overall, it’s worth a try for customers.

On TikTok, there have been mixed reactions from men reviewing fast food from their cars after a drive-thru. The Endorsement gave it 79 points out of 100. PapiEats said it was “not full of enticing flavour”, but praised the sauce, pickles, cheese and even the bun.

Details: 601 S. Bernardo Ave., Sunnyvale;

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