What is your favorite breakfast place?

What is your favorite breakfast place?

Pancakes and waffles on a serving plate
Pancakes and tarts on a serving plate – Raksebe/Getty Images

Breakfast is a sacred meal for many people, and this dedication extends to the selection of breakfast places. IHOP and Waffle House are venerable competitors in the breakfast space, so the Daily Meal collected reader responses to determine which chain came out on top when searching for a hearty morning meal. Of the 39 people who responded to the original Facebook inquiry, 15 commenters cited Waffle House as the preferred choice.

As for IHOP, only three people said they preferred the restaurant for breakfast (and of those participants, two said they chose IHOP because there were no waffle restaurants in their neck of the woods). Three commenters said both were equal in quality in their opinion, with one person specifying, “IHOP during the day. Waffle House late at night.” As for the remaining 18 participants, many indicated a preference for home-cooked meals, while one commenter expressed concern about the concentration of carbohydrates in both chains’ popular breakfast dishes.

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It’s not a waffle house, it’s a waffle house

Couple eating at Waffle House

Couple eating at Waffle House – Facebook

Featuring a menu full of breakfast classics like omelettes, hash browns, and waffles (of course), it’s not hard to see why Waffle House has such a large following of fans. This chain is open 24/7 and welcomes guests for breakfast at any time, making it ideal for night owls and people who work irregular hours. The atmosphere in the house is also noticeable. As one reviewer said, “Good food, great service and usually a little drama at 3am.” After all, who can forget the infamous chair move made by a Waffle House employee at lightning speed during an all-out brawl a few years ago (as reported by Fox 11 Los Angeles)?

As for the Facebook poll, one respondent specifically noted that the chain’s retail candy can’t be faulted. While crispy potatoes can be enjoyed alongside any dish, they are also used as the base for hash browns, which feature toppings like sausage, bacon, cheese, and eggs for a filling meal. While Waffle House easily defeated IHOP, some feel the latter chain is no slouch when it comes to breakfast.

It’s hard to beat IHOP’s pancakes

Breakfast cupcakes

Breakfast Cupcakes Pancakes – Facebook

While the restaurant chain offers a wide variety of breakfast options, IHOP’s pancake selection is impressive. Besides the standard buttermilk pancakes, IHOP also features some specialty versions that include all kinds of interesting and unconventional ingredients. The cupcakes come with rainbow sprinkles cooked into the batter, while the Mexican tres leches tarts are a new twist on the traditional Latin American cake. Guests can also enjoy pancakes, egg dishes, biscuits and French toast.

Although IHOP didn’t get the same love in the Daily Meal Facebook poll, the restaurant is still a beloved spot among breakfast lovers. Like Waffle House, IHOP serves breakfast all day. The location is also open for dining 24/7 (although hours may vary from location to location). Ultimately, both establishments have a lot to offer customers, especially those who don’t want to be constrained by the arbitrary time restrictions often applied to breakfast menus.

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