What traditional Christmas dish is on your table this year?

What traditional Christmas dish is on your table this year?

After baking a shortbread, Ourian will make hermit cookies, molasses spice cookies, Nuremberg Lebkuchen cookies, chocolate heart cookies, sugar cookies, and coconut macaroons — “a very special Christmas gift, as my mother first started baking them as a teenager in the 1930s.” Twentieth century.” .

Her daughter will bake Snickerdoodles, a cookie rolled in cinnamon sugar, “partly because she’s always liked the name.”

“We all go at Christmas,” O’Ryan said.

“Every year I wrestle with a turkey.”

By self-admission, Christmas dinner plays into reader Kay Strong’s meticulous planning and organizational skills – although this hasn’t always prevented the bizarre culinary nightmare.

“To avoid problems caused by distractions and forgetfulness – perhaps taking that sherry too soon – I have my own ‘Christmas Bible’ as an assistant,” Kay explains. “This includes a written list, a time plan, a shopping list divided into courses, and an extra shopping list of items.” Fresh and frozen to purchase in advance.

After 30 years of marriage, she and her husband have established roles — “My husband enjoys contributing, cooking stuffing he made or bought, carving the turkey, organizing music and DVDs, and doing the dishes.”

Meanwhile, “every year I wrestle with the turkeys, not literally, but I wonder what we’ll get for both of us; How to cook it; Whether for brine; Whether to stuff it; Should I go to Mark Hicks and have the bones removed and the legs stuffed; What is my budget?

“We usually opt for a small, boneless joint, which isn’t the most ambitious, but it plays a secondary role in the meal, and indeed in life.”

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