Where is Lulu Pang from Shark Tank today?

Where is Lulu Pang from Shark Tank today?

Lulu Bang founders Kelly, Joray, and Ashley Byrd’s trip to “Shark Tank” turned some heads with a suggestive idea summed up by their claim, “If you can name it, we can pop it!” After making some sharks blush, they asked for $150,000 in exchange for 10% of the company’s shares, per YouTube episode.

Unlike many Shark Tank presentations, the Sharks didn’t dismiss or question this assessment. In fact, Shark Kevin O’Leary has admitted that there isn’t enough money for the company’s massive marketing problem, and he’s suddenly announcing his “exit.” The remaining sharks admitted that they were impressed that the Lulu Bang founders were able to close a deal with Walmart and praised them for their business acumen. However, those sales were only a few bottles of sauce sold weekly from each of the 170 stores. After much discussion, each Shark ultimately decided that the high costs and hard work would likely not be worth the investment.

While the Lulu Bang founders were forced to leave Shark Tank without reaching an agreement, they sparked an interesting debate among the sharks about balancing encouragement with harsh realities. You can watch what is called one of the “3 Biggest Battles” on YouTube. It’s an interesting glimpse into how the Sharks view their role on the show, aside from investing in companies.

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