Where to get a snack for Frog Sage in Super Mario RPG

Where to get a snack for Frog Sage in Super Mario RPG

Super Mario RPG They often have a clear, easy-to-follow main story, so knowing what to do next is usually quick and simple. However, shortly after you finish part of your adventure in Marrymore, Mallow will mention that you should go back and talk to his grandfather, Frog Sage, who you can find at Tadpole Pond. However, when you arrive, you may find that you cannot advance the story any further because the wise frog is waiting for a snack. Fortunately, preparing a delicious meal for him won’t take long, and we’ll tell you how to do it below.

Where to Get a Frog Sage Snack

The first step to getting a snack for Frog Sage is to open your map and fast travel to the Mushroom Kingdom. When you arrive, head to the Item Shop, which can be identified by the rotating mushroom on the side of the building.


Inside, talk to the shopkeeper and use the rare Frog Coin (which you got from Croco earlier in the game) to buy a Cricket Pie. Since this delicious snack is exactly what Wise Frog sent Mallow to retrieve when she first met the little ball of fluff, you can now return it to Wise Frog and fulfill his grandson’s initial quest. In exchange for bringing you his food, the Frog Sage will give you Mallow’s Froggy Stick weapon and move the main story forward with little dialogue.

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