While Chris Hemsworth was eating 10 meals a day, Daniel Craig relied on the Average Joe workout to get James Bond abs.

Fans are sure to assume that Daniel Craig did a lot of rigorous training to get his body in tip-top shape for his role as James Bond. While that’s certainly true, the British star’s workout routine is designed to make him more athletic than sculpted. Furthermore, being 007 is all about agility and endurance.

Daniel Craig as James Bond

To transform Craig into the perfect James Bond, he followed a diet and gym plan that was not at all outrageous, unlike Chris Hemsworth who deeply regretted his transformation into… Thor: Love and Thunder.

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Daniel Craig follows a regular exercise routine James Bond

As previously mentioned, Daniel Craig trained as an athlete during his time as James Bond. In an interview with Men’s healthFitness trainer Simon Waterson revealed what he did to make Craig’s stunts in the film as smooth as possible. He said:

We used a lot of our own natural body weight exercises. His body exists to perform a function. This job happens to be sprinting up stairs, jumping a railing, getting into a fight scene, running out a door, smashing down another door, crashing into a car, and then taking off. It should look smooth and effortless, so we adapt that in the gym“.

Watterson also enumerated the dense and complex routines that Craig followed to achieve a certain level of agility befitting a famous spy agent. The coach continued:

We used a lot of resistance bands because we used them for stretching and a lot of cones and barriers for agility-based exercises. (eg) Weaving across cones, jumping over hurdles and onto a plyo box, then onto a Bosu for stability. It’s the repetition of doing it and then running. He’s trying to get that agility“.

Daniel Craig James Bond 2021
Daniel Craig as James Bond

It already seems like exhausting work for the actor with all this physical training, but he also needs to maintain his weight and recover from the fatigue of the day. Watterson said times via daily Mail:

Daniel started his day with rye bread, hard-boiled eggs, avocado, kimchi, and maybe some kale. And turmeric shots. Then we take lemon and ginger shots and go to work. Oh, you know, coffee“.

Daniel Craig made sure to eat five to six meals a day of a variety of healthy foods recommended by his coach. This way, his metabolism will work better and faster, ensuring that he has the energy needed for his next training session.

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Chris Hemsworth was unhappy with his body Thor: Love and Thunder

Thor love and thunder chris hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth in Thor: Love and Thunder

Chris Hemsworth’s transformation was very different from Daniel Craig’s because he had a god-like physique. In fact, the Australian star looked insanely bloated Thor: Love and Thunder. He was consuming significantly 4,500 calories a day, which is equivalent to eating every two hours.

Hemsworth was involved in Marvel’s Assembled Documentary via From the inside The process of pulling off this skin for Thor. the extraction The star said:

Every time I played the character and I bulked up and muscled down, and then I lost it to something else and played another character, there was muscle memory, and I’d say it got easier every time.“.

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Chris Hemsworth's Thor Love and Thunder body transformation
Chris Hemsworth’s body transformation

But this time, he needed to be significantly bigger and stronger than before. Hemsworth recalls how extremely stressful the task was:

This was particularly difficult. I think our target weight was always higher than where I was before. It was a really fun exploration, but I don’t know that I want to achieve that success again“.

The actor was apparently unhappy with the routine he had to follow, and also noted that he was starting to feel more tired due to his age:

It was train, eat, train, eat. There is nothing else to do. Then I showed up to the movie bigger than I had ever been before. It was just exhausting. I don’t know, maybe I’m getting older, but things are starting to hurt more“.

Hemsworth ate eight to ten meals a day, and each meal was divided into 450 calories. The actor would spend his day working and eating, and when he returned home, he would stick to the rest of his diet and exercise plan.

sources: Men’s health, times via daily Mail, From the inside

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