Wisconsin Rapids graduate and student-athlete Brennan Huber, A Closer Look: Pancakes or Pancakes?

University of Wisconsin Rapids graduate and multi-sport athlete Brennan Huber is headed to the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, where he will play baseball for the Pointers. We caught up with Huber to get an inside look at the Raider-turned-Pointer, with our world-famous interview, “Pancakes or Waffles?” Read on to get the inside scoop…

center: What subjects/classes were your favorite, and why?

Hooper: The gym, because I can be active.

center: What are your hobbies?

Hooper: Baseball, lifting, and Pokemon Go

center: Who is/was your first favorite teacher and why?

Hooper: Maybe Mr. Piolo because he didn’t make me do anything on match days.

center: What is the most unusual food you have eaten?

Hooper: I once ate a John Russell steak and fry pizza. It tasted very interesting.

center: What is your favorite music to listen to?

Hooper: The Lumineers

center: What are your plans after high school?

Hooper: I’m going to UWSP for baseball

center: If they made a movie about you and your life, what would it be called?

Hooper: The Life of Brennan Hopper

center: What sports did you play throughout your high school career?

Hooper: Basketball, football, baseball

center: Who’s the teammate you wouldn’t want to be stranded on a deserted island with?

Hooper: Samuel Scheidegger…

center: What are some of the most memorable moments you have experienced as an athlete?

Hooper: Keagan Christy runs block during 2-point conversions

center: Who are your favorite athletes and/or teams?

Hooper: Cincinnati Bengals and Juan Soto

center: What do you enjoy most about competing in front of family, friends and fans?

Hooper: I love being able to represent them when I’m on the field. Knowing that I have their support makes exercising easier Much easier and more useful.

center: Do you have a funny or unusual moment(s) you’ve experienced in sports?

Hooper: Watch Keagan Christy run the block during 2-point conversions

center: What is the best thing about being a student-athlete?

Hooper: Make friends for life

center: What words of wisdom can you offer other student-athletes?

Hooper: Lift weights and study hard

center: Finally, pancakes or pancakes?

Hooper: Pancakes, easy.

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