A California woman was driving down the road when she was suddenly hit by a slice of cheese.

What kind of cheese?

The woman called in the incident around 10:10 a.m. according to SacBee. Dispatchers alerted all officers to be vigilant and watch out for the “flying cheese.” The woman said she was hit by the windshield and thrown by a black sedan that was passing by, last Monday.

An officer responded to a dispatcher’s call and asked what type of cheese had been thrown? “We’ll go with American cheddar.”

Is this another TikTok challenge?

The cheese toss has been a viral online challenge. First, throw one slice of cheese on the child’s face or forehead. This has been happening since 2o21. Now it seems they have turned to cars. This all happened in the area of ​​Woodcreek Oaks Boulevard and Baseline Roads in California.

If you’re looking to hear the dispatcher make the call, it’s been uploaded online. The clip came from Broadcastify.com. You hear: “A report advised about five minutes ago…a piece of cheese had been hit by her window from a passing black sedan, license plates unknown.”

Although it is funny to hear about, it can be dangerous. Sure, throwing cheese at a baby is funny. The reactions make it funny. But throwing it at a moving car, yes it’s funny, but it’s also very dangerous. Maybe stay away from throwing cheese in general. Plus, wasting a good slice of cheese is not cool in my book. Maybe you throw in a slice of cheese, but on to the next sandwich you’re making?

As for the black sedan they threw at the woman’s car, they haven’t been arrested and frankly, we don’t think the police will do much about it, unless they see it happen in person.

We’ve got more on these kind of silly stories and more in other news today!

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